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Established in 1986 as a consulting engineering practice, Villholth Jensen & Associates Ltd. (VJA), is controlled by senior professional engineers who collectively have extensive local and international experience in Civil & Structural Engineering, Ports & Marine Structures, and Coastal & Offshore Engineering.

The company is committed to efficient planning and engineering of projects, combining technical skill with environmental sensitivity. VJA concentrates on developing effective and practical solutions through the traditional steps of feasibility study, engineering design, project management, and construction supervision. All projects are backed by VJA's full professional liability insurance.

The firm has experience in the following engineering fields:

Marine & Transportation - Primary areas of expertise and interest lie in the marine and transportation sectors. The marine environment often provides singularly unusual and challenging problems. Transportation projects feature ports and marine facilities, vehicle and railcar ramps, and highway bridges.

Industrial & Commercial Structures - Planning and design of a broad range of industrial and commercial structures.

Coastal & Offshore Engineering - Studies for shore protection, wave analysis and sedimentation processes, offshore structures and breakwater design.

Project Management - Effective management of multi-discipline projects from concept to completion.

VJA utilizes advanced computer analysis and design where appropriate. Several design programs have been developed within the company. Carefully produced and time-tested, VJA design software allows for efficiently engineered practical structures. This ability has a beneficial impact on overall project construction costs and design schedules.


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